Lift Truck
For scrap transport and rubbish disposal.                                           


Lift truck bins
We have numerous bins to suit every scrap types.                                           

Metal scrap bins
This types of bins are custom made for factory. Ease for transfering scrap metal to lift truck bins.

Waste paper/ plastic scrap bins
These light weight custom made bins are for storage of waste paper or plastic scrap before transferment to larger lift truck bins.

Rubbish disposal service
Rubbish disposal service are also avalable by request. Rubbish lift truck bins will be provided.

Weigh bridge rental
Our weigh bridge is capable of weighing 40 footers trucks with a maximum lenght of 60 feet and a maximum weight of 60 tonnes.

Digital Weighing Machine
Our platform digital weighing machines can weigh up to 3000kgs.        

Digital Weighing Machine
Small scale digital weighing machine for weighing small bundles capable of weighing up to 100kgs.

Mixed Waste
Factory waste which has recyclables awating sorting process.          

Rubbish sorting process
Factory waste are sorted for recyclables.                                            

Plastics Waste
Plastics awating sorting process.                                                            

Sorting Process
Waste plastics are sorted according to grades.                                   

Press Machines
Press machines are used for compressing waste cartons and plastics into bundles.

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